SF | Bay Area Plastic Surgery

SF | Bay Area Plastic Surgery is a leading California practice founded and operated by the renowned cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon, Dr. Shahin Fazilat. Through our long partnership with Dr. Fazilat, we have developed a website, created several promotional events, curated extensive marketing initiatives, and helped shape the digital essence of the practice. The result is a thriving practice that highlights the full potential of human beauty, luxury, and elegance.

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SF | Bay Area Plastic Surgery
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About The Project

SF | Bay Area Plastic Surgery: Surgical Mastery, Non-Invasive Artistry

The SF | Bay brand focus is high fashion, elegance, and surgical excellence. In order to adequately represent these qualities, our Urge specialists had to make certain that the website and brand design exceeded the client’s expectations. The design had to reflect a level of luxury becoming of a high-end surgical practice. Meanwhile, the content had to not only describe the available services but speak to the true essence of the brand without compromising SEO performance. Our efforts ultimately led to the creation of one of our highest performing websites to date.


Since Signing up with Urge, SF | Bay Area Plastic Surgery Has Seen

A 213% user increase

48% of new users come directly from Google

An average 11.8% email open rate

SF | Bay Area Plastic Surgery logo

Logo & Branding

Elegant and minimalistic, the SF | Bay Area Plastic Surgery logo design relies on a combination of serif and modern sans serif typography. The simple approach is meant to clearly represent the brand without additional noise or distraction. By shifting the visual focus from the logo itself to the website as a whole, our design team was able to create a presence that requires no explanation. Through this representation of the practice’s style, our team was able to express the high fashion aesthetic the client was looking for.

Website Design & Development

Featuring graceful golden accents and stark contrasting tones, the SF | Bay website design communicates a message of elegance, luxury, and sophistication. The positioning of the animated city overview and the motion of the website in its totality offer a visual feast that the viewer can’t help but be engaged with. Though full of motion, the website is far from distracting. It presents the Lato body typography clearly and legibly, describing the services offered without compromise or disruption.

Featuring five treatment categories that encompass the wide range of services offered, the website is able to fully describe what patients can expect upon their visit. Each page is SEO optimized for best performance and high SERPs ranking. In addition to creating a main website for the practice, Urge has also developed an eCommerce website for special promotional events. The latest of which yielded over $70,000 in sales after a week of operation.

SF | Bay Area Plastic Surgery full homepage
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Marketing Services

Through our email marketing and website maintenance efforts, SF | Bay Area Plastic Surgery has experienced a 213% website visit increase in the last year alone. Of this increase, 48% of new users have come from organic search. These metrics represent some of the highest practice growth statistics that can be achieved through the strategic planning, meticulous design, and dedication provided by Urge Interactive.