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Social Media Management

Reinforce your brand through professional social strategy and engagement.

Within the past decade, social media has captured an audience of billions – but many companies still struggle to effectively gain value from social media and are unable to convert engagement to viable leads. It is currently estimated that there are about 3.5 billion active social media users per day, that’s roughly 45% of the world’s population! Not exploring and directing this traffic through effective social media management can cause your business to miss out on a significant lead source.

At Urge, we partner with our clients to build a brand presence that current and prospective social media users can trust. Our team strives for quality over quantity – recognizing that a strong return on investment when it comes to social media is more than just having thousands of followers or flashy influencer promotions. For social media to work well, it must fall in line with a business’s comprehensive marketing plan – essentially working in tandem with other marketing mediums to communicate and validate brand value.

4C Your Way to Social Media Success

Our philosophy is simple, we believe that social media management requires practices to “4C” their way to success.


  • Social Media Content Planning – We use keyword research to create an effective plan to help you reach your target audience.
  • Studying the Competition – We’ll help you keep an eye on your competitors so that you maintain your edge and stay ahead of the curve.


  • Content Promotion – We will use social media platforms to promote your website, blogs, and special events.
  • Managing Accounts – You’ll have a reliable social media manager on your side to keep things running smoothly.
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  • Selecting the Best Content – We will develop and post informative, well-made content regularly to generate consistent audience engagement.
  • Maintaining Brand Image – We will help you find your voice and retain it to keep your customers coming back.


  • Tracking Analytics – With Analytics software, we can quickly and accurately determine the effectiveness of your paid campaigns.
  • Content Cross-promotion – We will use social media data to pinpoint the information most relevant to your audience and update your website, PPC campaigns, and collateral to fit.


The Impact of Effective Social Media Management

75% of Instagram users visit a website, search, shop, or tell a friend when they get inspired by a post.

Adding compelling imagery to your Facebook ads will make them 75-90% more effective.

Social media is the most relevant advertising channel for 50% of Gen Z and 42% of millennials.

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Ready for Your Social Media to Thrive?

Managing your business’s social media account can be a full-time job. Our social media managers at Urge have a long track record of helping businesses like yours thrive in the social media space. To learn more about what Urge can do for you, call us at (888) 348-3113 or submit the contact form below, and we will be in touch soon!