Salt Spa & Wellness Center

Situated in Virginia Beach, Salt Spa & Wellness Center provides its clients with a broad spectrum of aesthetic treatments in a relaxing and nurturing atmosphere. From plastic surgery to IV therapy, Salt Spa hits all of its bases with exceptional professionalism and dedication. When working with this client, the main challenge arose from integrating all the services they provide within a calm and structured package. The result was a website that emphasizes the boutique experience while providing patients with everything they need in an easily-accessible and straightforward format.

Services Provided:

Photo of the Salt Spa website on mobile and desktop
Photo of the Salt Spa site on mobile

About The Project

Salt Spa & Wellness Center: The Beauty You Deserve

Salt Spa & Wellness Center: The Beauty You DeserveAs a provider of wellness, aesthetic, and plastic surgery services, Salt Spa’s challenges arose from cohesively integrating all it has to offer. The task was to create a website that outlined everything without losing the boutique essence of the brand or compromising navigation. Visitors interested in IVs, for example, had to be able to find them easily without shifting through unrelated treatments. The key to this successful design was careful structuring that felt cohesive while serving various needs.

Real Results

One Month After Launching The Website Has Seen:

A 90+% website performance score on PageSpeed Insights.

3,300+ New Users.

4,143 Sessions.

Website Design & Development

In order to create cohesion between the all of the services offered by Salt Spa, our design team focused primarily on a harmonious color palette that highlighted both. The chosen colors, primarily gold and green, retained the practice’s boutique branding while presenting an image of a practice that does it all.

These color tones were complemented by both cursive and san serif fonts. The cursive added an element of luxury, while the main messaging and educational elements of the site were presented in an easily legible san serif. This combination is in keeping with the client’s brand while also being practical and informative. This creates no confusion and enhances the site’s navigation, allowing visitors to find exactly what they’re looking for without compromising style.

The design elements were reinforced by content that highlighted treatment protocols and expected results – information that gets at the heart of exactly what visitors are looking for. This information is formatted to complement the design while adhering to best SEO practices. Each page is written precisely to both inform and achieve the highest ranking for maximum SERPs exposure. With these elements in mind, Salt Spa & Wellness Center represents one of the latest and greatest additions to our portfolio.

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