Emerald Aesthetics By Kirin

Located in Gresham, Oregon (just outside of the Emerald City), Emerald Aesthetics By Kirin was founded by Kirin Johns in 2019. Kirin had opened her own studio a few months before this project began, but was looking for a new website to take her business to the next level. Our team needed to use her existing logo and branding to create a website that matched the comfortable, personable vibes of Emerald Aesthetics’ interior space. The result was a website that emphasizes a clean, modern feel, that also feels very warm and inviting.

Service Provided:

Emerald Aesthetics' website on a desktop and mobile device

About The Project

Emerald Aesthetics By Kirin: Be Real. Be You. Be Beautiful.

The primary objective of this project was to establish a website that conveys to users the sense of Emerald Aesthetics By Kirin being a cozy and inviting environment. Our designer had the task of harmonizing a friendly and approachable user experience, while also avoiding an overly exclusive atmosphere. The outcome is a stunning and hospitable website that exudes sophistication without projecting an air of pretentiousness.


After Launching, The Website Has Seen:

32.7k Total Impressions

250+ New Users Per Month

17,000+ Post Engagements Through Social Ads

Website Design & Development

To establish a seamless connection among all the services provided by Emerald Aesthetics, our design team dedicated their efforts to a synchronized color palette that showcased the array of offerings. The selected colors, notably green and beige, upheld the personable branding of the practice while projecting an image of versatility.

These color hues were complemented by a combination of inviting fonts. The fonts introduce a touch of opulence, while the core messages and informative segments of the website were presented in easily readable typography. This fusion remained consistent with the client’s brand identity while simultaneously serving comfort and clarity. This strategy eliminates any confusion and elevates the navigation experience, enabling visitors to pinpoint their desired content without compromising on style.

The design elements were reinforced by content that spotlighted treatment protocols and anticipated outcomes – pivotal information aligning precisely with visitors’ expectations. This content is formatted to harmonize with the design aesthetic and adhere to best practices in search engine optimization (SEO). Each page is meticulously crafted to both enlighten and secure the highest possible ranking for optimal visibility in search engine result pages (SERPs).

Photo of the full Emerald Aesthetics homepage