Lifted Beauty + Wellness Redesign

Beth Colombo, owner of Lifted Beauty + Wellness in Seattle, WA, comprehensive overhaul of her website’s design. This endeavor stood out as one of the most ambitious projects ever embraced by our team at Urge, given the client’s precise vision for both the homepage and internal pages. Our mission was to create a website imbued with the essence of an editorial magazine. In terms of structure, Beth’s aspiration was to evoke a sensation more akin to a beauty magazine article rather than slogging through a scholarly essay. With determination, we achieved this goal, yielding remarkable results that resonate with elegance and innovation.

Service Provided:

Photo of the Lifted site on desktop and mobile
Photo of the Lifted site on a mobile device

About The Project

Lifted Beauty + Wellness: The PNW’s Premier Holistic Medspa

At the beginning of the project, Beth shared example sites with us that gave her the experience that she was opening up a magazine. Our team set out to create clean, crisp layouts that entice the user to keep reading. A concurrent aspiration for this redesign was to incorporate a substantial assortment of personalized visuals depicting the spa and its team. To achieve this, Beth enlisted a photographer’s expertise, enhancing the project with an intimate touch. The imagery seamlessly integrates with the editorial aesthetics, elegantly woven throughout the entire site to foster a sense of unity and coherence.

Regarding the new content, Beth’s vision encompassed informative text that imparts guidance in a visually engaging manner, moving beyond conventional text blocks. The tailor-made content places emphasis on the practice’s distinctiveness, illuminating their holistic approach to skincare and body contouring.


After Launching, the website has seen

8.39k Total Impressions

4k+ Pageviews

30+ Leads/Month

Website Design & Development

Leveraging the client’s input and imagery, our designer skillfully fashioned a design that exudes beauty, warmth, and innovation. Beth was very happy with the way that we captured the editorial magazine feel of the site. In the developmental stage, our developers constructed fresh layouts for the blog, treatment and concern pages, and team bios. Each page boasts distinct customization to captivate users’ attention. While preserving Lifted’s branding and color palette, we managed to enhance them, offering an enriched and more immersive branding journey through this revitalized design.

The content we generated not only highlighted the practice’s holistic philosophy but also involved collaboration with the client to introduce “Why Lifted Loves It” segments on the Treatment, Concerns, and Products pages. This addition contributed to an even more personalized and distinctive experience throughout the entirety of the site. Feel free to follow the link below to explore the complete site. While we take pride in all our website projects at Urge, the sheer ambition of this particular endeavor makes us especially thrilled to showcase it. Get ready to be amazed!

The full homepage of the new Lifted site