Bailey Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics

We were introduced to Dr. M. Hugh Bailey and his wife, Jeanette, for the purpose of revitalizing their branding and website. Dr. Bailey, an esteemed plastic surgeon with a noteworthy career in Newport Beach, was referred to us. Over the past five years, his practice had expanded to encompass non-surgical cosmetic treatments. With this context, our team embarked on a mission to develop branding that harmonized with the splendid ocean view visible from Dr. Bailey’s office. Simultaneously, we aimed to craft a website that was not only aesthetically appealing but also optimized for high performance on Google’s search engine results pages.

Service Provided:

The Bailey website on desktop on mobile

About The Project

Bailey Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics: Cosmetic Care Reimagined

The website’s tagline reads: Cosmetic Care Reimagined. For this project, we needed to reimagine both a logo and website design in order to take Bailey Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics forward. Dr. Bailey distilled his practice into three guiding principles: integrity, professionalism, and cutting-edge innovation. Armed with these concepts and inspired by the coastal backdrop of the client’s locale, our team embarked on crafting impeccable reflections of these attributes within the logo, design, content, and development.

In terms of content, our objective was to provide informative material without delving into excessive verbosity or an overly academic tone. The chosen stock imagery resonated with the client’s target audience and patient base. When visiting Dr. Bailey for an appointment, patients are met with expert care accompanied by breathtaking ocean views. At Urge, it was clear that the website should mirror this very experience in every aspect.


Within the first 3 months, Bailey Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics Saw

1.1k New Users

75.5k+ Total Impressions

795 Organic Search Sessions

Logo & Branding

This project also featured Logo and Branding services. Your logo and branding are synonymous with your identity, allowing you to distinguish yourself from competitors. At Urge Interactive, our designers attentively grasp your requirements to narrate your unique story. Our objective is to establish a seamless connection between your physical environment and your online presence. In the case of Bailey Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics, the core idea revolves around the female silhouette poised above the serif typeface. This sophisticated arrangement exudes a serene aura and symbolizes the transformative journey patients embark upon at Dr. Bailey’s practice.

Website Design & Development

In crafting the website’s design, we initiate with a video of waves, instantly captivating the viewer’s attention with dynamic motion. Progressing down the homepage, we prominently showcase both the surgical and non-surgical treatments provided by Dr. Bailey. The imagery portrays stunning models while maintaining space for setting realistic expectations.

On the development front, we compressed the images and incorporated animations to imbue the site with the same cutting-edge essence as the practice. Every page of this website is meticulously optimized for SEO, enhancing Dr. Bailey’s online visibility and enabling greater prominence on Google.

Overall, the website impeccably captures Dr. Bailey’s envisioned identity for the practice, both in the present moment and as it advances into the future.

Image of the full Bailey homepage design