Posh Medical

Posh Medical is the medical aesthetics branch of a practice that also features a salon & spa. Our assignment entailed crafting fresh branding, designing a logo, and developing a website tailored to the medical aesthetics aspect of the Posh enterprise. Following the transition of ownership to Mary Petrilena, Posh embarked on a new phase. Mary and GM, Tori, sought our team’s expertise to highlight customer service, specifying a desire for a modern look devoid of intimidation. The objective was clear: to effectively convey her distinctive approach to client well-being. The outcome we achieved was a polished, inviting, and unobtrusive representation that harmonized with her vision.

Service Provided:

The Posh Medical site on desktop and mobile
Image of the mobile version of the Posh Medical site

About The Project

Posh Medical: Reimagine Beauty

As with all of branding and website projects, the primary goal is to synchronize the online representation with the practice’s physical ambiance, providing clients with a preview of their experience upon stepping inside. Posh Medical’s interior exudes a neutral color palette, complemented by a clean and minimalist decor. Our undertaking accentuated these gentle, muted tones in a sophisticated and elevated manner. Additionally, we dedicated efforts to streamline the main menu navigation, addressing a concern that was evident in the previous website’s usability.

Our content team embarked on a mission to impart knowledge while infusing the copy with an allure that encourages continuous reading. While Posh’s main demographic consists mainly of women in their 30s and 40s, there was also a desire to connect with women in their 20s. With this aim in mind, the content and visuals on the website were meticulously curated to effectively engage this younger audience segment.


Within the First Two Months of Launching, Posh Medical Has Seen

728 Total Clicks

45.6k Total Impressions

520 Mobile Clicks

The Posh Medical logo

Logo & Branding

This project also featured Logo and Branding services. At Urge Interactive, our designers listen to your needs in order to tell your story. We aim to create continuity between your physical space and your website. Our logo and branding services provide you with one cohesive package.

This concept features a thin, sans serif typeface that creates a minimalist, yet elegant aesthetic. The simplicity of this design features no excess, presenting the brand as clean, polished, and sophisticated.

Website Design & Development

Upon exploring the Posh Medical website, you will encounter a user-friendly journey characterized by a focus on neutral tones and minimalist aesthetics. Employing uncluttered and inviting design components, including crisp angular segments and prominent typography, our team achieved a refined yet pragmatic aesthetic. This website design exemplifies exceptional readability, delivering information without any distractions. Essentially, the Posh Medical website encapsulates a grounded and straightforward essence, while retaining an approachability that is far from overbearing.

Aligned with the minimalist, modern design, the content employs approachable language to convey precise messaging. Every treatment and concern page offers informative content that avoids unnecessary wordiness, respecting the reader’s time. The seamlessly integrated keywords enhance the site’s ranking in a natural manner, without diverting attention from the presented information.

Image of the full Posh Medical homepage design