Modern Dose

A bustling Lindenhurst, New York practice, Modern Dose combines aesthetics and wellness into one trendy, forward-thinking package. The practice was founded by Keith Hoerning, DO and Alicia Gatti, NP in order to provide patients with an experience like no other. Modern Dose boasts a range of aesthetic service options designed to pamper, beautify, and enrich the lives of each and every patient. When Alicia told our team at Urge about her Science-Beauty-Wellness-Confidence concept, we were excited to join her and Keith on their journey to success.

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Modern Dose desktop and mobile sites
Modern Dose mobile site

About The Project

Modern Dose: Emerge Renewed

The Modern Dose model challenged our design and content team to try a new approach. From the branding and logo concept to the website design, Modern Dose had to present a light, airy feel with a slightly feminine bend. Moreover, the concept of youthful rejuvenation had to be front and center, yet express itself in a mature way that aligned with the professionalism offered at the center. The result is a branding concept highlighting the trendy elements of the practice while retaining an artsy appeal that speaks to the points mentioned above.


Since Signing up with Urge, Modern Dose Has Seen

1,300+ new users

5,100+ page views

57% bounce rate across the entire site

Modern Dose logo

Logo & Branding

The Modern Dose logo is backdropped by a stylized drop emphasizing freshness and rejuvenation. The simple typography grounds the design, adding maturity to the soft pink coloration. The concept is simple, understated, and clearly communicates the essence of the practice. The brand is trendy, hip, but not to be taken as immature. Modern Dose is a MedSpa that delivers professional aesthetic results without succumbing to the dry sterility of a typical medical practice.

Website Design & Development

The Modern Dose website design relies on a pastel pink color palette inspired by the warm and cool contrast of Long Island beaches. The incorporated imagery features lifestyle photography of intergenerational people, all set in black and white with low contrast. The Poppins typography adds to this aesthetic style, enhancing the trendy and hip visuals created by the color and shape combinations.

While boasting a youthful design, this website also features descriptive content that speaks to the professionalism of the brand. The information presented on the service pages of the website is thoughtful and thorough, telling visitors exactly what they need to know before scheduling an appointment. Search Engine Optimization of course plays a big role on the web development end of the website. Keywords are integrated seamlessly throughout the content and each page is SEO-optimized with meta descriptions, alt text for images, and image compression for maximum performance.

Modern Dose full homepage