HVS Conservatory

Founded by the multi-talented Adreana Gonzalez, HVS Conservatory is a Los Angeles-based music school that thrives to propel aspiring vocalists forward. This unique music school relies on modern vocal techniques, from R&B to pop, to prepare its students for long careers within the industry. Along with their rigorous vocal training regime, HVSC offers practical advice from music industry figures. As a brand new education institute, HVSC required a bold new approach to design and content. The Urge team was tasked with creating something that would speak to the dynamism of the music industry while maintaining easy usability for students. The result was an original website that is both eye-catching and highly functional.

Service Provided:

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About The Project

HVS Conservatory: Where Today’s Students Become Tomorrow’s Stars

As an up-and-coming educational institution, HVSC posed the challenge of speaking to two separate audience groups. On the one hand, the brand had to be appealing to prospective students. On the other, it had to communicate that the school was a good investment for their parents. The result was a cutting-edge West Coast-style website that was both bold in style and direct in its message. HVSC is fun, yet professional.

Real Results

Since Signing up with Urge, HVS Conservatory Has Seen:

18.5k new users within the first 3 months after the site launch.

1.6k users from organic search within the first 3 months after the site launch.

37k page views within the first 3 months after the site launch.

HVS logo

Logo & Branding

The HVSC logo and branding approach was created with the aforementioned dual-audience appeal in mind. The primary “HVS” lettering was created with a contemporary artistic flair. The typeface on the bottom is more conservative, grounded. This combination projects “entertainment” while retaining a professional air becoming of an educational institution.

Website Design & Development

Our design team relied on diagonally-cut geometric shapes to convey a contemporary tone. This aesthetic approach was coupled with dynamic animations. The website is in motion – inviting the eye to the various elements that educate the viewer with concrete information. The content is written in a direct, yet lively tone. An approach that is complimented beautifully by the Gothic san-serif typeface used on the headers. The website includes a unique scrolling interface that makes it a standout amongst its competitors.

As an Urge Interactive website, HVS Conservatory is SEO-optimized for the highest performance. Each design element, including animation, is incorporated without negatively impacting site speed. The careful attention to SEO ensures HVSC’s high rank in SERPs and ease of use for its visitors. HVS Conservatory stands as one of Urge’s most unique and compelling website designs.

Full HVS site

Marketing Services

The HVS Conservatory marketing strategy focused on reaching a younger demographic. Social media was the natural choice for the growing interest in this up-and-coming institution. Marketing initiatives spoke to the excitement and educational opportunities that HVS could offer. Posts were made to be engaging while maintaining the kind of information that parents would be interested in. Urge’s efforts increase HVSC’s reach within the social media space, bringing more attention to the brand.