Fresh Aesthetics Medical Spa

Situated in Twin Falls, Idaho, Fresh Aesthetics is an all-woman MedSpa dedicated to enhancing natural beauty and helping clients regain their confidence. At the heart of this practice is their friendly approach and professionalism, a combination of traits that require an original design approach. The main challenge when working with this client was creating an informative website that says “we know what we’re doing” without coming across as intimidating. In order to pull this off, our Urge designers and copywriters had to coordinate closely, situating as much educational content as possible without compromising on visuals.

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Fresh Aesthetics Medical Spa desktop and mobile sites
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About The Project

Fresh Aesthetics: A Fresh New Take on Beauty

The Fresh Aesthetics design had to feature a youthful aesthetic quality while simultaneously appealing to a 40-50 year old demographic. To add to this, the service information presented had to be conveyed with meticulous clarity in order to achieve the level of professionalism the client was looking for. While establishing the practice’s unique tone, our content strategists had to incorporate the necessary keywords to ensure the best website ranking performance possible. The result is a seamless website experience that excels both in communicating the client’s vision and meeting Google Search Engine requirements.


Since Signing up with Urge, Fresh Aesthetics Has Seen

6,000+ website views

1,000+ unique user scrolls

3.7 page views per user

Website Design & Development

Creating the combination of professionalism and friendliness requested by the client involved the use of light, yet compelling colors. Our design team relied primarily on a pastel pink, white, and slate gray color palette. This coloration grounded the practice within their digital space while creating an inviting, warm quality. To add a touch of Idaho style, our design team incorporated visual elements, such as the Twin Falls themselves. The imagery of older models used within the build skews toward an older demographic interested in enhancing their natural beauty.

To supplement the design, our content team populated each treatment and concern page with informative, yet SEO-rich text. The treatments are explained in detail, leaving nothing to the imagination while also being fitted for exceptional SERPs ranking. The results of our efforts had yielded a website that is not only visually appealing but one that excels in performance as well.

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