Florida Eyelid & Cosmetic Surgery

Florida Eyelid & Cosmetic Surgery was founded in 2023 by Dr. Michael Warner, a board certified oculoplastic and cosmetic surgeon. Dr. Warner resided in California for many years but recently relocated to the greater Orlando area in Florida. Having come across another oculoplastic surgeon’s website that we designed for a provider in Palm Beach Gardens, he reached out to us in search of a professional web agency to kickstart his new venture. Dr. Warner was delighted to learn that we could manage the entire process, encompassing logo creation, branding, design, development, and the launch. All we needed on his end was feedback and approval. The outcome is a stunning website that seamlessly resonates with the Central Florida clientele.

Service Provided:

The Florida Eyelid & Cosmetic Surgery website on desktop and mobile
The Florida Eyelid site on mobile

About The Project

Florida Eyelid & Cosmetic Surgery: Embrace Your Beauty. Elevate Your Vision.

With a distinct timeframe in place, the project coincided with the practice’s official opening just 5 weeks after our initial kick-off call. Within this timeline, our team successfully conceptualized custom branding, devised a logo, developed the website, and executed the launch. At Urge, we are dedicated to meeting your delivery schedule to the best of our ability, all without the use of templates!

Given that Dr. Warner offers a range of oculoplastic and cosmetic procedures, our team embarked on the mission to craft a logo and website that harmoniously blended both aspects. With his specialization in eye care, Dr. Warner desired a visually appealing representation that struck a balance between captivating and unobtrusive. Our team skillfully achieved this objective, delivering exceptional outcomes that captivated and impressed.


In Less Than a Month After Launching, Florida Eyelid & Cosmetic Surgery Saw

350+ Page Views

7.5 Avg. Postion on Google

142 New Users

The Florida Eyelid & Cosmetic Surgery logo

Logo & Branding

This project also encompassed Logo and Branding services. Your logo and brand serve as your distinctive identity, enabling you to stand out distinctly from competitors. Our logo and branding services offer a comprehensive package, ensuring a unified and cohesive representation. For Florida Eyelid & Cosmetic Surgery, the new logo features a female silhouette, set atop a Serif typeface. This elegant arrangement is calming and speaks to the transformative experience that patients can expect at Florida Eyelid and Cosmetic Surgery.

Website Design & Development

In crafting the website design, Dr. Warner expressed a preference for natural colors and tones. The inclusion of excessively vibrant hues wouldn’t align with his clientele or the desired practice ambiance. With our target audience spanning ages 40 to 70, readability and navigability were crucial. Regarding imagery, our focus was on selecting photographs that conveyed authenticity and featured individuals with a natural appearance. Additionally, the palm leaf motif imbues a sense of a picturesque destination reminiscent of Central Florida.

For the content, our objective was to offer informative material that piques users’ curiosity without overwhelming them. The copy seeks to address potential patients’ inquiries about each procedure, enticing them to delve deeper and initiate a consultation. If you click the button below, you’ll get a sense of what we can provide if your practice is a bit of a hybrid.

The Florida Eyelid & Cosmetic Surgery full homepage design