Envē California Aesthetics

With a Palm Springs and Orange County location, Envē California Aesthetics has grown to become a prominent player in the aesthetics industry. This cutting-edge MedSpa is guided by the principles of beauty and inner confidence. The California vibe plays a prominent role in both the visual style and tone of this practice. While working with Envē, the Urge team aimed to create a digital experience that accurately reflects SoCal while staying true to the values of fierce confidence, beauty, and glamour.

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About The Project

Envē California Aesthetics: The Beauty of Envē

Presenting the fun side of sunny California while conveying accurate service information and adding a touch of luxury into the mix posed the biggest challenge when helping this client develop their brand. Envē is all about style and California high-society. While projecting a tone of elegance and sophistication, the client also wanted to emphasize the concierge aspect of their practice. The main goal was to create an original website experience that is both high-end and service-oriented. In order to do so, our team had to incorporate natural Californian elements, visuals of the practice itself, and a video, all without negatively impacting website performance.


Since Signing up with Urge, Envē California Aesthetics Has Seen

6,000+ new website users

19,000+ website pageviews

50% bounce rate for the entire site

Website Design & Development

Visiting Envē California Aesthetics should feel like “taking a bit of California home.” With this in mind, our design team collected a range of state-specific images. Towering palm trees, clean background graphics, and elegant geometric shapes all play a prominent role in the website aesthetic. The centerpiece, however, is the incorporation of video collateral into the header of the website. This dynamic opening conveys the true essence of Envē and California itself while at the same time maintaining viewer engagement and simulating the experience one could expect from visiting the practice.

The content for the website maintains a fun, vibrant tone while simultaneously conveying service information. Envē is “sophistication you deserve,” it is a “fabulous experience” that promises real, natural results. The verbiage used throughout the site plays to the core California demographic while maintaining SEO value. For this reason, Envē services as a good representation of both style and functionality.

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