Alchemy Wellness

Alchemy Wellness is a thriving aesthetics center in Austin, Texas. Founded and run by Dr. Saima Jehangir, this practice takes a unique treatment approach, focusing on the connection between physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. When working with the client, our design and content team collaborated closely to identify the ideal color combination, tone, and website layout to adequately convey Dr. Jehangir’s vision. The resulting website presents an ideal balance between beauty and spirituality, a structure that carries over into the logo design and marketing collateral as well.

Service Provided:

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About The Project

Alchemy Wellness: Healing Through Energy

As an aesthetic treatment provider and a practice focused on spirituality, Alchemy Wellness presented a unique set of challenges. The difficulties lied in creating a perfect balance between conveying accurate information and maintaining the almost mystical aspect the client was looking for. The balance between natural beauty and aesthetic treatment was achieved through the use of a visual style that evokes feelings of harmony, calm, and authenticity.

Real Results

Since Signing up with Urge, Alchemy Wellness Has Seen:

An 82% increase in their website traffic

An 82% increase in new website users

A 15.82% email open rate through the Urge marketing program

Alchemy Wellness logo

Logo & Branding

Alchemy Wellness features a geometric logo design that uses clean sans-serif type in combination with four minimalistic icons. These icons serve as representations for the four main elements: water, fire, earth, and air. The linework and interplay between the icons keep viewers engaged, while the colors infuse the icons with life. In creating the logo, our designers played with both the visual elements of the website and worked to infuse the imagery with an airiness characteristic of spiritual imagery. The result is a visual that is sleek, modern, and accurate to the brand.

Website Design & Development

In order to convey the natural, holistic element of the practice, our design team relied on earth tones. Leafy, sage-greens, and earthy beiges are featured prominently throughout the website. The essence of nature presented through visuals such as the backdrop of lightly clouded mountains, adds an authentic feeling, immersing the viewer within the essence of the practice. This essence is further emphasized through the informative, yet spiritual nature of the content. Repetition of phrases such as “mind, body, and soul” as well as “the fusion of inner and outer worlds” are prominent throughout.

While the content and visuals emphasize the natural aspects dear to Alchemy, they don’t do so at the expense of information or SEO. Each page accurately discusses the many treatments provided by the practice and features high-ranking keywords for maximum SERPs exposure. Alchemy Wellness represents one of the many successful website builds developed by Urge Interactive

Alchemy full homepage
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Marketing Services

The Alchemy Wellness marketing strategy focused on email campaigns that targeted a specific segment of the Austin, Texas demographic. Our Urge marketing specialists aimed their sights on a younger clientele, employing a tone of confidence, comfort, and serenity. Feeling comfortable in one’s own skin was at the heart of Alchemy Wellness, and our marketing campaigns brought that across along with conveying promotional information. The end result was an increase in website traffic and a greater appointment rate for the practice.