Branding + Logo Design


Helping clients deliver a seamless customer experience.

At Urge, we recognize that effective brand building is about bringing internal cultures to external audiences – personifying the intersection of an organization’s values, behaviors and character. Impressive fonts, colorful images and clever taglines make for beautiful marketing materials, but they fall short to communicate the true essence of a company.  We work with our clients to identify and create evergreen experiences around their brands – from the first visit a customer makes to a website to the moment they walk in the door or use a product – the look, feel and mood of a brand is all about consistency.  Ultimately a customer’s sustained, unified and positive interaction with a brand will always equate to a bigger return on investment for the client in the long run.

Logo Design

Reaching beyond design.

At the heart of any brand is the time tested recognition of a logo – the emblem that is synonymous with how a company is perceived in the marketplace.  Whether it’s a symbol of quality, reliability, value, or a combination thereof, a logo is a shortcut to a richer brand story in the minds of current and potential customers.  At Urge, we believe that the development of a logo is more than just bringing together art and text – a logo must elicit a reaction right away and for the right reasons.  By first digging into the soul of a company’s brand through various exercises, our team develops logos that push past the simplicity of design and truly convey the internal realities of an organization.  There’s no doubt that almost anyone can create a logo – but the true test of success is whether that logo creates an intended dialogue.

Logo Examples