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We believe actions speak louder than words - and in our case, our work says it all.


So much to say about Dr. Pamela Mondorf’s practice, Refine Medical in Bend, OR. She approached Urge Interactive with concerns that her beautiful website was not performing, and she asked if we could help. We agreed, aesthetically pleasing, there were challenges with the coding, positioning of information, call to action, and most importantly, the user experience and navigation was subpar. Dr. Mondorf had relocated her practice from Wyoming, so it was imperative that her web presence get straightened out as quickly as possible. We completed the web build, keeping a similar aesthetic to what Dr. Mondorf had previously, per her request. Our experience in medical marketing and understanding certain nuances in how to position medical practices in the digital space is a differentiator for us. There are many agencies out there who create beautiful designs...but unless they have worked in the medical field for a few years, they may face SEO challenges that will impact your practice’s website. It is a “you don’t know what you don’t know” sort of scenario. We know what we know...and we are pretty great at what we know.

Client Feedback

Website and digital marketing by URGE. Game changer. These guys know the industry like no other and put that knowledge to use in ways that WILL make a difference. No smoke and mirrors. URGE is the real deal. Use them. You can't afford not to.

Pamela Mondorf, Refine Medical


Our process starts with you and your specific needs. If you require logo and/branding services, our amazing art department has you covered. If you only require a new website, our web team will start with Strategy + Content. During this phase, we will create a sitemap and content that is custom to the services you offer. The next phase of the project is Wireframe + Design. At Urge Interactive, all aspects of the design process depend on the personality of your practice. We want to give users a preview of what to expect when they walk through your front door for the first time.

Next comes the Front-End + Development phase, when we bring the look and feel of your website to life. Once you approve of every aspect of the dev site, we will move on the final phase: Launch, and if applicable, Marketing Prep. When it comes to launching your site, let us handle everything. If you sign on with one of our marketing plans, we will hitting the ground running before your site goes live. The Urge Interactive process is quick, effective, and allows you to get a custom website that is visually stunning and unique to your business.


The look, feel, and voice of your new website will drive new clients/patients to your practice.


Your new website will be coded and developed to earn praise from users and search engines.


We will keep your website up-to-date and protect it from viruses, malware & other threats.


It’s time to stop neglecting the people who predominantly use smartphones and tablets to search for your services. A mobile responsive website will help you reach future patients/clients on any device. With a responsive website, you’ll also improve your SEO.


Now that you have a better understanding of what we did for this client, it is time for us to help you. If you are interested in a new website, a website redesign, a microsite, logo and branding services, and/or marketing, contact us today. Click the button below or give us a call at (888) 348-3113 to speak with us.

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