MyCoach MD

MyCoach MD offers effective virtual consultation solutions for medical practices. Through the MyCoach MD software, practices can facilitate a computer or mobile device connection between their providers and patients. Urge Interactive is proud to assist our clients by integrating MyCoach MD into their websites.

We Coach So You Can Better Connect!

MyCoach MD + Urge Interactive is all about the patient experience!

If growing revenue is part of your mandate, then you need 4 key elements; strategy, structure, people, and process. You should always be asking yourself how well you’re doing across each.

You can’t be expected to have the skills to be strong in every area of business. While most practices that we work with understand the importance and implementation of a marketing strategy, sales are left open without an accountable process.

The Consultation Process

We train a proven presentation process to ensure your patient coordinators are not just “winging” it when presenting a treatment plan. The consistency of following a set consultation process will project high level results that ultimately allow you to rely on sustainable conversions within your practice for incremental growth.

Performance Results

A common challenge we face is when sales performance is not being measured. Do you have leads coming in but you don’t know what your conversion rate is? We all know that numbers speak a universal language and this is why implementation of tracking is of the utmost importance.

Maybe it’s time to improve your process, invest in your team and maximize conversions. We know if the practice is committed we can move the needle in a positive direction.

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