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Email marketing involves effective, targeted messaging to your client base in order to educate, motivate, and compel. This type of marketing requires a blend of creativity and strategic acumen to yield optimal ROI. When you take our creative wordsmiths and combine them with visual storytelling, you find mastery of this integral part of marketing.

Urge Interactive email campaigns are specifically branded to your company, giving you professional emails that not only catch the eye of the reader, but also make your marketing goals clear. Even if your readers do not convert, this effective form of branding keeps your company name and logo fresh in the mind of your targeted audience for future opportunities.

Email campaigns that support event invitations, educational messaging, product and service promotions reap real measurable results.

Essentially, email marketing is the use of email to promote products or services. This personalized form of customer engagement is a widely used strategy that can dramatically develop relationships and expand one’s client base. Depending on your target demographic, email marketing may prove even more powerful than website promotion, social media, blogging, and other such techniques.

Email Marketing Best Practices

Identify Business Goals

Your marketing strategy should be in line with your brand image. In order to establish this cohesion, you must identify your target audience, establish a clear timeline, and consider the variables you need to track in order to gauge the success of your strategy.

Establish Mailing List

Creating a mailing list involves enticing new customers to subscribe to your newsletter. Doing so requires the development of subscription forms and modules placed in high-traffic areas of your website. Forms must be easy to complete and the subscription process should be straightforward in order to assure the highest customer retention.

Create a Campaign

The baseline for creating a marketing campaign involves deciding between two email strategies, triggered and business-as-usual (BAU). Triggered emails are used to target customer behavior; they include welcome emails, abandoned cart emails, and re-engagement emails, to name a few. BAU emails are promotional campaigns that provide customers with special offers, sales, discounts, or announcements.

Email Marketing Content

Creating appropriate email marketing content involves attention to detail and knowledge of consumer behavior. An effective writer knows that the keys to rousing an audience to action include being relevant, entertaining, keeping it short, and using clear call to action (CTA) prompts.

Set Frequency

Generally, most companies send 2-4 promotional emails per day. Being mindful of conversion per rate is an effective way of determining how frequently emails should be sent. A great way to gauge efficiency is to run an A/B test.

Email Marketing Benefits

Email marketing is an essential component in any effective branding strategy. Due to its prevalence and wide reach, a properly distributed newsletter or promotional email can have a multitude of significant benefits. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Increased ROI – Effective email marketing has been shown to provide a 28.5% return on investment. A well-managed digital marketing campaign can provide you with a $44 return on even $1 invested.
  • Improved Customer Acquisition – On average, email marketing is 40x more effective in stirring customer interest than most social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter.
  • Easy Integration – Newsletter sign-ups and other such strategies can be readily incorporated into social media campaigns, SMS, or web push notifications.
  • SEO Optimization – Great email campaigns can provide you with increased exposure through backlinking, thereby driving more traffic to your business through other websites.

Email Marketing in Los Angeles, CA

A powerful email marketing strategy starts with a competent marketing provider. As your digital marketing agency, our expertise will facilitate the growth of your business. When you connect with an expert at Urge Interactive, you can trust that the future of your business is in capable hands. We listen to what you want and, leveraging our talent and expertise, implement the plans to make your vision a reality. Choose UI as your campaign provider and discover your full business potential.

If you’re ready to experience a new level of customer engagement. We urge you to contact our Los Angeles office for a free consultation. Call us at 888-348-3113, or fill out the Contact Form below!

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