Digital Advertising

Social Media Management + Advertising

All the clicks and likes on your Facebook or Instagram page don’t amount to much without strategic planning and execution. These days, it’s not enough to provide expert service or quality products alone. Social media grants you extra access to your existing patient base, allowing you to build a relationship with your audience and capture new attention through social advertising.

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Digital Advertising + PPC

We’re royalty! Ok, not really. But we are titled!

Urge Interactive of Los Angeles is a Google Certified Partner Agency, a title granted to agencies that have successfully passed a number of Google AdWords proficiency exams. This isn’t a permanent title. We have to continue to earn this title every day, by managing clients’ PPC accounts according to best practices and taking continuing education courses to stay up-to-date on all of the latest AdWords features and strategies.

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Email + SMS Text Marketing

Take your email and text marketing campaigns from Ah! To Ah-mazing!

Email and text marketing involves effective, targeted messaging to your client base in order to educate, motivate, and compel. These type of marketing campaigns require a blend of creativity and strategic acumen to yield optimal ROI. When you take our creative wordsmiths and combine them with visual storytelling, you find mastery of this integral part of marketing.

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