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When businesses look for the best catalog design experts in Los Angeles, they are often referred to Urge Interactive. There’s good reason why so many businesses choose to work with us, and why we get so many catalog referrals:

  • Best Value: Dollar for dollar, we deliver the most value with a comprehensive design process that takes care of all your catalog needs.
  • Powerful Visuals: No other catalog design team will invest the time and attention to meticulously create your catalog layout for most powerful visual effect. We pay attention to every nuance, because your business depends on it.
  • Proven Results: We have helped hundreds of Los Angeles and SoCal businesses with effective catalog design that has yielded tens of millions of dollars in sales for our clients.
  • Premier Service: When you hire Urge Interactive to design your catalog, you’re hiring an entire team that will put your needs first.

How Much Does Catalog Design Cost?

To make the process simple and give you a predictable cost, our catalog design services are priced on a page by page basis. The catalog service includes:

  • Image file editing
  • Catalog layout design and implementation
  • Preparing files for printing
  • Color optimization
  • Font optimization

The Catalog Design Process

When you contact us about catalog design, we’ll set up a phone or in-person conference to discuss your goals and needs. This consultation is free of charge and allows us to become acquainted. During this meeting, we’ll discuss your vision for the catalog, your target audience, and what you’d like to achieve with this piece of collateral.

Once you hire us, we’ll ask you to send us all relevant images and copy. We’ll use all of this to design your catalog from scratch, based on your guidance. If you don’t have images or copy, you can hire us for product photography and copywriting services.

No Catalog Templates

We never use catalog templates – ever. Your catalog will be designed from scratch by our visual design artists, to match your brand identity and target audience. Your catalog will be as unique as your business and designed to speak to your target audience.

How Long does Catalog Design Take?

How long it will take to design your catalog will directly depend on how many pages are involved. For small catalogs, the process typically takes 2-4 weeks. For larger catalogs of 32-64 pages, the design process lasts 4-6 weeks. This involves designing your catalog, discussing proofs with you, any changes/updates, color and font optimization and other critical steps to make it right for you.

Please note that it will take an additional 1-2 weeks to print your catalog. It’s a good idea to give the printer as much time as possible, to avoid a rush job. After your catalog is designed, we can suggest a catalog printer in Los Angeles, or work with a printer of your choosing.

Take the First Step

If you’re looking for the best catalog designer in Los Angeles, please take the first step and contact us for your initial consultation. There is no cost to speak with us, and it will give you a chance to see if we’re the right fit to design your catalog. Just give us a call at 888-348-3113 or fill out our Contact Form at the bottom of this page.

How much does a catalog cost to design?

Standard Number of Pages 4 8 16 24 32 48 96
Trim 8-1/2 x 11 Price per page $299 $275 $250 $225 $200 $175 $150
Slim Number of Pages 6 12 24 36 48 72  
Trim 6 x 11 Price per page $250 $225 $200 $175 $150 $125  
Digest Number of Pages 8 16 32 48 64    
Trim 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 Price per page $225 $200 $175 $150 $125    

How to Make a Catalog – Best Practices

1) Catalog Templates Undermine Your Business

Your clients get catalogs from many other companies; all of which are competing for attention. To stand out from the competition, your catalog must be unique. It has to “pop” and grab your prospects’ attention.

Unfortunately, many catalog designers in Los Angeles (and other parts of the country) will use templates to create your catalog, without telling you. They’re not actual visual designers. Instead, they use pre-made templates where they’ll insert all your photos and copy, without considering your target market, your brand, and the best grouping of your products to tell the story.

Here at Urge Interactive, we design every catalog from scratch. We take the time to understand your business and your target customer, and design a catalog that reinforces your brand and builds up the urge in your prospects to take action.

2) Use Captivating Product Images

Your product images have to pop out of the page, to grab your prospects’ attention. This creates an emotion, an urge, to take action.

To achieve this, your images have to be of high resolution and taken with good lighting. We will manipulate the images when needed, to increase the visual appeal – but starting with high quality images will help us design a catalog that captivates your prospects.

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